Customer Loyalty Scheme

We at Thinking Finance understand how important it is that you get a good service from us no matter how much you invest, save through us, or how large or small a mortgage you take out. One of the most important measures of how pleased you have been with the service you have received from us is how often you refer our name on to family members or friends.

This has been a big part of our business for some years now. We have been paying a £50 Marks and Spencer M&S voucher for any referral that ends up in a product being taken out with us. This doesn't necessarily have to be an M&S voucher you can request any voucher of your choice even a Tesco's, Sainsburys or ASDA voucher to fill up your petrol tank.

We are now looking to broaden this scheme out to give anyone the opportunity, previous client or not, to send a name and contact details through to or use the contact page on briefly outlining the product that your friend, colleague or family member wants?

We will issue you with a unique referral number so that when the person or you send in the contact details this number is included and we know you are part of the Customer Loyalty Scheme.

We are further proposing that for every 10 referrals you supply, the voucher goes up by £10 to a maximum of £100 for a referral. Once you achieve the £100 level you stay on it for life. In these economic times this could be an extra source of income for all the people who use a lot of social networking through Facebook, Twitter, Digg etc.

Additionally you can cut and paste the link on to your own social site with your unique number on it so anyone clicking through from your site would earn you the vouchers.

Important Notice We are a United Kingdom site. 99% of products we provide are for UK citizens. So a referral in the majority of cases will only be eligible for a voucher if the client is living in the UK. Having said that there are certain bonds and investments we can provide for certain European Union states for EX-pats living abroad. If you are unsure about the client you are referring to us, maybe a quick e-mail outlining the proposed case, to prior to sending the name may save you a lot of work in the short term.

We reserve the right to look at the quality of leads you provide. If a percentage of leads stop paying the contract after a couple of months then we will stop accepting referrals from you or hold onto your voucher for a longer period before we pay you. For any lump sum investments or contracts taken out with us, we will follow normal money laundering procedures to verify the original source of the funds.
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