How We Are Paid

Thinking Finance offers the first consultation for free.
During that initial meeting we will discuss whether we can do anything to help you.
If we feel we can help we will discuss how you wish to pay us. This can be a straight forward hourly rate or it can be you agreeing to us keeping the commission for introducing you to a company, or it can also be a mixture of both.
If we are arranging a mortgage for you there will be a flat broker fee in addition to any other commissions we receive.

At Thinking Finance we will provide you with written documentation of any commissions we earn while working on your behalf. Fees will usually be charged on an hourly rate or on a pre agreed fixed cost basis. Fees may attract an additional VAT charge whereas commissions, under current legislation do not.
Current mortgage broker fees range from £199 to £249.
Commercial mortgages will need to be looked at on a one by one basis.

A full break down of likely commission and hourly charges is included in our current client agreement. This covers Pensions, Investments and ISA's. The mortgage charges are covered under our current mortgage CIDD.

If you would like a copy of either of these please e-mail your request to:
Financial Services

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