Independent Financial Advice

Thinking Finance are Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) and
Independent Mortgage Brokers.

We offer unbiased financial advice to our clients and recommend the most suitable products, if any, after researching the whole market.
The key difference between us and the banks or building societies is we act on your behalf and will offer you the option of paying by a fee, as well as the option of paying by commission. We can place your business with a vast majority of companies.

There are two other types of advisers in the UK market place:
TIED AGENTS can only advise on the products of one provider, whereas
MULTI-TIED AGENTS are financial advisers allowed to recommend the products of a limited selection of providers, rather than just one.

Thinking Finance are bound to the Financial Services Authority (FSA) rules, which obliges them to provide advice most suited to your personal requirements and your attitude to risk.
When financial products are recommended they must take into account the benefits to you the client, any charges, flexibility, service and financial strength.
All IFAs must be authorised and regulated by the FSA and are obliged to offer what is termed 'suitable advice'. This means that they have to gain a full understanding of your circumstances and requirements before helping to choose any financial products for you. In addition, at Thinking Finance, when recommending a product to a client we will provide written reasons why we think the product(s) recommended are suitable for you.
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Member of the Isle Of Wight Chamber Of CommerceRegistered Independent Financial Advisors