Personal Financial Planning

At Thinking Finance UK Limited we provide a full Financial Planning service.

This will normally take the shape of an initial free meeting with a potential client. At that first meeting, which can take place in the comfort of your own home or at our offices. (For internet clients the physical locality becomes irrelevant.) We will ascertain whether we can help you. We will ask you a serious of personal questions such as how much income you earn, debts or loans you may have or monies that you hold on deposit or have already invested. All of the information gathered will form the basis of our advice to you.

It may be in certain situations we are unable to help you, such as transferring monies out of an occupational pension scheme or arranging certain off-shore investments. At those initial meetings we will discuss and ask a lot of what might seem like meaningless questions, such as what you want to do when you retire, what is your attitude to risk or what your short and long term goals are (e.g. children's university fees).

All this information gathered will help us at Thinking Finance to make a recommendation for you the client. We also strive to put the client in a position of knowledge about what we are recommending so they can make an informed decision as to whether they wish to proceed with the recommendation.

At our initial meeting we will give you certain documentation which is a regulatory requirement, such as a business card, a client agreement. We would also discuss how you want us to get paid, either through a commission from the life assurance company or investment house or an agreed hourly rate for you to retain us on. This will always be discussed before any works are carried out on your behalf.

Thinking Finance UK Limited are there to offer Independent Financial Advice if you feel we could help you contact us on 01983 812422 or
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